Elite Equine Products

I will be carrying a full selection with me while seeing clients, so if you have any inquires or products that you are interested in, just let me know!

To order simply email the products that you are interested in to georgia@equinedentalcare.co.nz.


Breed and Grow

Whether you own a breeding stallion, mare in foal or weanlings, this formula is specifically designed for reproduction demands and the high growth rates of youngstock 0-2 years. The nutrition requirements for reproductive horses are considerably different from working or spelling horses and should be catered for separately

Breed and Grow Contains:

  1. Important minerals for breeding demands, and the development of fast growing and specific tissues. All minerals are in organic proteinate form.
  2. Organic magnesium proteinate.
  3. Organic selenium - indicated in optimising fertility rates and development.
  4. Immune Boost ~ absorbs pathogens, and helps promote the transfer of nutrients across the placenta.
  5. Functional proteins designed for in utero development and fast developing specific tissues.

1.8kg - $81.90 (1 Month)
5.4kg - $222.90 (3 Month)

Ultra Mag

ULTRA MAG is just what its name suggests, the highest quality, most bio-available form of organic magnesium in the world.

The magnesium in ULTRA MAG is in the form of a proteinate which is the highest quality most stable form of organic magnesium.

0.5kg - $67.90

Mega Build

MEGA BUILD is a new supplement from Elite Equine - High Performance Nutrition that builds top line and muscle fast!

It is a comprehensive supplement that supports the development of muscle and top line, recovery from injury and promotes gastric health. It is the only supplement that actively promotes top line and condition 4 ways not just 1!

Mega Build Contains:

  1. A full profile of concentrated amino acids for enhanced protein digestion and muscle development and repair.
  2. Nucleotides to enhance cell repair, gut health and recover from injuries.
  3. Probiotic for optimum digestion.
  4. Organic chromium for enhanced muscle building effect.

2.1kg - $81.90 (1 Month)
6.3kg - $222.90 (3 Month)

Gastro Go

A new natural botanical formula effective in promoting a healthy gastric system.

Gastro Go is a tried and true formula that soothes the gastro intestinal tract and gives horses the nutrients they need to recover from gastric upsets and ulceration.

Gastro Go is a low dose formula that can be used as a liquid and syringed orally or used as a powder in the feed.

Gastro Go is incredible value at only $2 or less for a loading dose and $1 or less for maintenance! The enclosed scoop holds a loading dose of 20g.

(Price depends on size of pack purchased).

Gastro Go is available in:
1kg- $99.90 (50-100 doses)
3kg tub- $269.90 (150-300 doses)


Compete is total system support for hard working competition horses, or even horses that need a bit more condition, strength, or help from recovering from illness.

It is 100% organic supplement that also conditions and produces a high shine!

Feeding Compete can help protect your horse from laminitis, some forms of colic and other issues from a nutritional angle, and can prolong your horses competitive life.



1 Month (1.5 kg) $81.90
3 Month (4.5kg) $222.

Don't have what you are looking for? Let us know and we can order it in!